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제110회 대한화학회 학술발표회, 총회 및 기기전시회 Rapid Preparation of Reduced Graphite Oxide with Controlled Dispersion Property under Ambient Condition

2012년 8월 30일 16시 17분 29초
MAT.P-1366 이곳을 클릭하시면 발표코드에 대한 설명을 보실 수 있습니다.
10월 17일 (수요일) 16:00~19:00
저자 및
정해솔, 양승재1, 박종래
서울대학교 재료공학부, Korea
1서울대학교 공과대학/재료공학부, Korea
Graphene - a honeycomb-like single layer consisting of sp2 hybridized carbons - has outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties as well as lightness. In order to exploit these potentials into practical applications, preparation of high-quality graphene on a large scale is an essential prerequisite. Among various strategies, chemical reduction of graphite oxide (GO) is commonly used for mass production of graphene, and numerous studies have been expended to exploring effective reduction methods by adopting many different kinds of reducing agents such as hydrazine,[1] sodium borohydride,[2] sulfuric acid,[3] and so on. However, those early reported reducing agents require stringent reduction conditions (high temperature and long time). Furthermore, insufficient affinity of reduced graphite oxide (r-GO) with various solvents especially water, hindered various application of resultant r-GO. In this presentation, we report a new reduction method where GO was readily converted to r-GO in extremely short time (less than 10 min) under ambient conditions. Besides, dispersibility and stability of r-GO are significantly improved and easily controlled without any further processes. [1]. Stankovich, S.; Dikin, D. A.; Piner, R. D.; Kohlhaas, K. A.; Kleinhammes, A.; Jia, Y.; Wu, Y.; Nguyen, S. T.; Ruoff, R. S., Synthesis of Graphene-Based Nanosheets Via Chemical Reduction of Exfoliated Graphite Oxide. Carbon 2007, 45, 1558-1565. [2]. Gao, W.; Alemany, L. B.; Ci, L. J.; Ajayan, P. M., New Insights into the Structure and Reduction of Graphite Oxide. Nat. Chem. 2009, 1, 403-408. [3]. Kim, D.; Yang, S. J.; Kim, Y. S.; Jung, H.; Park, C. R., Simple and Cost-Effective Reduction of Graphite Oxide by Sulfuric Acid. Carbon.