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Ethical Guidelines for Publication of Chemical Research (KCS)

Updated on January 11, 2020


The Korean Chemical Society (KCS), founded in 1946 as an academic organization, promotes research and education in the field of chemistry and related areas as an essential resource for the economic and social development in Korea. Advancement in chemical research can be achieved when all chemists associated with the Society respect and adhere to the ethical standards by which research is evaluated. It is important that the Society needs to establish the highest ethical standards in research for providing guidelines for conducting research and publishing high-quality scientific journals with responsibility.

All members of the Society must consent to and follow strict ethical guidelines documented for editors, authors, and reviewers. Chemists fulfill their responsibility to the Society when they understand and follow ethical guidelines. Experienced research chemists should accept the guidelines presented herein. We will remind all members of such significant matters, and it would be valuable to those who are relatively new to chemical research.