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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 7, Number 3
June 20, 1963 



Reaction of Potassium Fluoride with Organic Halogen Compounds. (Part 1) Reactions of Potassium Fluoride with Organic Halides, Acids, and Esters in presence of Dimethyl Formamide and their Pyrolytic Decaboxylation in presence of Potassium Fluoride
유기 할로겐 화합물과 불화가리의 반응 (제1보) 유기 할라이드, 산 및 에스테르와 불화가리의 디메칠 호름아마이드 용매계 반응 및 고온-탈탄산-열분해 반응
You Sun Kim

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Study of 4-Nitroazoxybenzenes (Part Ⅰ) Separation of the Isomers of 4-Nitroazoxybenzenes and their Structure Study by U.V. Spectrophotometry
4-Nitroazoxybenzene 에 관한 연구 (제1보) 4-Nitroazoxybenzene 의 α-및 β-이성체의분리와 U.V. Spectrophotometry에 의한 그 구조연구
Chi Sun Hahn, Byung Hi Yun, Hyuk Koo Lee

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A Study on the Eddy Diffusion in a Pulsed Turbulent System
맥동와류장치에 있어서의 와류확산
Woong Ki Kang, Yung Wook Kim

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The Studies on the Components of Astragalus Membranaceus Bunge (Ⅲ) Extraction of the Organic Components with Methanol and Identification of the Crystals
황시성분에 관한 연구 (제3보). 유기결정성분추출과 결정확인에 관하여
Ki Suck Meang

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Linear Relationships between Thermodynamic Parameters (Part 1) Theoretical
열역학 함수간의 직선관계 (제1보) 이론
Ikchoon Lee

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Reaction of Organic Halogen Compounds with Metals (Part Ⅰ) A Formation of Organometallic Complex in Dimethyl in Dimethyl Formamide Solvent
유기할로겐 화합물과 금속과의 반응 (제1보). 디메칠호름아마이드 용매존재하에서의 유기금속콤프렉스 생성에 관한 연구
Yon Sun Kim

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