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Ethical Guidelines for Publication of Chemical Research

August of 1999

Korean Chemical Society, founded in 1946 as an academic organization, promotes research and education in the field of chemistry and the chemistry profession as a vital resource for Korea's economic and social development. Advancement in chemical research can be achieved only if all chemists associated with the Society maintain the ethical standards by which research is evaluated. It is important for the Society to institute procedures for publishing high-quality scientific journals, adhering to strict standards of scientific research.

Stringent ethical guidelines for authors, reviewers and editors must be firmly established and subscribed to by all members of the Society. Chemists fulfill their responsibility to society only if they clearly understand and follow such ethical guidelines. Most of the guidelines presented here are understood by experienced research chemists. Nevertheless, from time to time we need to be reminded of such significant matters, and it may also be valuable to those who are relatively new to chemical research.