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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 43, Number 3
JKCSEZ 43(3)
June 20, 1999 

Determination of Glucose Using Enzyme Immobilized Membrane

효소 고정화 막을 이용한 Glucose의 정량
Im-Ok Kim, Kyeong-Do Kwak, Youn-Shick Ha, Hyo Shik Kwon, Moo-Lyong Seo

김임옥, 곽경도, 하윤식, 권효식, 서무령
Immobilon-AV 친화성 막에 glucose oxidase[EC1.1.3.4](725units/mL)를 고정하여 백금 전극에 부착시킨 전극을 사용하여 glucose를 전류법으로 정량하였다. 이때 glucose가 gluconic acid로 산화될 때 전류를 +0.8V vs. Ag/AgC1에서 측정하였다. 효소 고정화된 막을 부착시킨 전극의 감응 특성은 다음과 같다. 직선 감응범위는 0.2mM에서 20mM이었으며, 정량한계는 10-3 mM이었다. 또한 감응 시간은 12초, 효소 고정화된 막의 최적 pH(CH3COONa/CH3COOH)는 5.5, 그리고 수명은 27일 이였다. 그리고 다른 생리 활성물질의 방해는 없었다. 또한 고구마를 이용하여 AOAC 방법으로 정량한 glucose 측정값을 비교해 본 결과, 그 상대오차는 0.1%였다.

Enzyme electrodes for amperometric measurement of glucose were prepared by immobilization of glucose oxidase on an Immobilon-AV Affinity membrane and attachement to a Pt electrodes. The electrochemical oxidation of Hz02 was monitored at +0.8V vs. Ag/AgCl. Response was linear from 0.2 mM to 20mM. The detection limit was 10m3 mM. Response time, the optimum pH and life time of enzyme immobilized membrane was 12 seconds, pH 5.5(CH3COONaJCH3COOH) and about 27 days, respectively. When the enzyme electrode was applied for the determinaion of glucose with amperometric method, other physiolosical materials have not interfered. Also, we compared the result with that from AOAC(Association of Offical Analytical Chemists) method, measuring the glucose in sweet potato. The relative error was 0.1%.

264 - 270
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