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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 41, Number 9
JKCSEZ 41(9)
June 20, 1997 

The Hydrolysis of Dimethyl-cis-1,3-dibenzyl-2-oxoimidazolidine-4,5-dicarboxylate by Immobilized Whole Cells of Chromobacterium chocolatum

고정화된 Chromobacterium chocolatum의 Whole Cell을 이용한 Dimethyl-cis-1,3-dibenzyl-2-oxoimidazolidine-4,5-dicarboxylate의 가수분해
Younjin Lee, Sangkyun Shim, Yonghyun Ahn*

chromobacerium chocolatum의 whole cell을 polyacrylamide의 matrix안에 고정화 하였으며 이를 이용하여 dimethyI-cis-1,3-dibenzyl-2-oxoimidazolidine-4,5-dicarboxlyate를 가수분해 하였다. 고정화된 mycelium을 이용하여 가수분해하는 최적조건을 연구하였다. 기질의 농도, 반응시간, 용액의 pH변화에 다른 lipase의 안정성 및 반응의 영향을 연구하였다. 고정화된 mycelium의 리파아제의 활동도는 4주이상 지속되었고 wet celI 2g을 고정화 하여 200 mg의 기질을 pH=7의 반응조건에서 반응시켰을 때 최대 수율로 생성물이 얻어졌다.

The whole cells of Chromobacterium chocolatum was immobilized in the matrix of polyacrylamide and then used for the hydrolysis of dimethyl-cis-1,3-dibenzyl-2-oxoimidazolidine-4,5-dicarboxylate. This hydrolysis yielded the optically active monoester ( > 96% ee) which is useful as an synthetic intermediate of (+)-biotin. We have studied the optimum condition of hydrolysis by using immobilized cells under variable concentration of substrate, reaction time and pH levels. The activity of lipase in immobilized cell was retained for longer than 4 weeks. The best conversion yield of product was obtained when 2 g of wet cell was immobilized and then reacted with 200 mg of substrate at pH 7.

483 - 487
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