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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 20, Number 6
JKCSEZ 20(6)
December 20, 1976 

Studies on the Carotenoid Pigments in the Abdominal Skin of Bombina Orientalis (Ⅳ). Occurrence of Lutein and 3,3'-Dihydroxy-3,4,3',4'-bisdehydro-β-Carotene in the Abdominal Skin of Bombina Orientalis

무당개구리의 복피 Carotenoid 색소에 관한 연구 (제4보). Lutein 과 3,3'-Dihydroxy 3,4,3',4'-Bisdehydro-β-Carotene 의 분리 및 확인
Sae Hee Chang, Ui Chun Chong, Il Young Choi

장세희, 정의준, 최일영
무당개구리의 복피 색소로부터 주 색소의 일부인 lutein과 3,3'-dihydroxy-3,4,3',4'-bis-dehydro-β-carotene을 분리하여 물리 화학적 성질, 가시광선 및 적외선 스펙트럼 특성, 그리고 크로마토그래피적 성질을 이용하여 그들의 구조를 확인하였다.

Two more major pigments, lutein and 3,3'-dihydroxy-3,4,3',4'-bisdehydro-β-carotene, were isolated from the abdominal skin of Bombina Orientalis and their structures were established by physical and chemical properties, visible and IR spectral characteristics and chromatographic behaviors.

514 - 519
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