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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 15, Number 4
JKCSEZ 15(4)
August 20, 1971 

A New Method of Determination for the Trace Ruthenium in High Purity Palladium by Neutron Activation Analysis

방사화 분석에 의한 고순도 팔라듐 금속중의 미량 루테늄에 관한 새로운 정량법
Chul Lee, Yung Chang Yim, Kyung Ja Uhm, Koo Soon Chung

이철, 임영창, 엄경자, 정구순
고 순도 팔라듐 금속(99.9%)에 함유된 루테늄 함량을 104Ru(n,γ;β-) 105Rh의 핵반응에 의하여 생성된 105Rh의 방사능을 계측하므로써 결정하였다. 원자로에서 조사된 팔라듐 시료와 루테늄 표준시료를 왕수 처리 및 과산화나트륨으로 용융시킨다음 105Rh을 음이온 및 양이온 교환수지로 분리하였다. 팔라듐 시료로 부터 얻은 105Rh의 방사능을 루테늄 표준시료로부터 얻은 105Rh의 방사능과 비교하므로서 루테늄의 함량을 결정하였다. 본 방법으로 구한 루테늄의 검출한계는 팔라듐 10mg을 시료로 하였을 때 약 1ppm이었으며 이 검출 감도는 102Ru(n, γ)103Rh의 핵반응을 사용한 종래의 방사화 분석에 비해 약 40배 더 예민하였다.

Ruthenium content in highly purified palladium metal (99.9%) was determined by counting 105Rh nuclide which was produced by 104Ru (n, γ;β-) 105Rh nuclear reaction. Palladium sample and ruthenium standard were irradiated by neutron with the Pneumatic Transfer System of TRIGA MARK Ⅱ reactor. Palladium and ruthenium were dissolved by treating with aqua-regia and by fusing with sodium peroxide flux respectively. 105Rh was separated through anion and cation exchange resin columns. The ruthenium content was determined by comparing the 105Rh activities, obtained from the palladium sample, with that from pure ruthenium standard. The detection limit of ruthenium by the present method is about 1 ppm of ruthenium in 10 mg of palladium, which is approximately 40 times more sensitive than that of the conventional radioactivation method which employs 102Ru (n, γ)103Rh nuclear reaction.

191 - 197
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