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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 13, Number 1
JKCSEZ 13(1)
February 20, 1969 

The X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrographic Analysis of Silicate Minerals

X선 형광분석에 의한 규산염광물의 분석
Chan Kuk Kim, Ki Nam Sang, Hwang Am Kim

김찬국, 상기남, 김황암
형광X선을 이용하여 규산염기물중의 주성분인 SiO2, Al2O3, FeO3, CaO, MgO 및 K2O를 급속히 분석할 목적으로 시료으 처리 측정 및 각조건에 대하여 검토하였다. 시료를 Lithium Tetraborate로 용융하여 300Mesh 이상의 미분말로 한후 40,000Lb의 압력으로 성형하여 Tungsten과 Chromium 대음극의 X-선관과 LiF, EDDT, ADP의 분말결정을 사용하여 측정하였다. 각성분에 대한 검량곡선은 Matrix Effect를 고려하여 N.B.S 및 International Rock Standard를 선정 사용하였고 Lanthanum Oxide 및 Binder로서 Borie Acid를 첨가하여 얻었다. 각성분에 대하여 본법의 지현성 및 오차를 검토하기를 위하여 I.R.S T-1을 사용하여 측정한 결과 0.47(SiO2), 0.85(Al2O3), 0.07(caO), 0.02(KO), 0.13(MgO)의 표준편차를 얻었다. 또한 화학분석식에 대한 편차를 구하고져 Clay, Kaoline, Alunite, Wallastonite 및 Zeolite 등의 규산염광물을 선정하여 화학분석 및 본벚에 의한 분석결과를 비교하였다.

X-ray Fluorescence Spectrographic method has been applied for the rapid determination of main components, such as SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O2, CaO, MgO and K2O in Silicate Minerals. In this method, Boric Acid was used as a binder after fusion with Lithium Tetraborate in the briquet-making process. The Lithium Flubride, Ammonium di-Hydrogen Phosphate and Ethylene Diamine d-Tartrate crystals were used with Scintillation counter and Gas Flow counter as the detectors. Several influences on this method were discussed, including the particle size of samples and reducing of the matrix effects by dilution with Boric Acid and addition of Lanthanum Oxide with the diluent. In order to test the reproducibility of this method described above, the determination of the same kind of samples were carried out repeatedly, and the results obtained were presented in the table. Calibration curves for each element were presented, and the application of the method was tested with International Rock Standard T-Ⅰ. All the results obtained by X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrographic method were compared with the results by conventional chemical method.

49 - 55
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