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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 8, Number 4
August 20, 1964 

Isolation of Histone Basic Proteins from

"좀개구리밥 " 에서의 Histone 형 염기성 단백질의 단이
Joo Ok Yoon, Hong Dae Shin

윤주억, 신홍대
"좀개구리밥"에서 histone 형 염기성 단백질을 단리하는데 처음으로 성공했다. 염기성 단백질은 '좀개구리밥"의 세포마쇄물에서 희금속으로 추출분리하였다. 그 중 Amberlite CG-50에 (pH 6.0에서) 흡착되는 단백질성분은 송아지 흉선 histone과 비슷한 amino산조성을 보였고, 구성 amino산 잔기로서는 lysine이 특히 많았다. Carboxymethyl cellulose에 (pH 4.2에서) 흡착되는 단백성분의 용출 chromatogram은 송아지 흉선 histone과 비슷했으나, 각 peak의 비율은 상원했다. 또 흡착성분의 amino 조성은 histone형 염기성을 나타냈으나 비흡착 성분은 고형적인 histone 과는 상이한 단백질임을 확인했다. 송아지 흉선 histone 과 " 좀개구리밥"에서 단리한 단백성분들의 황산존재하에서 HgSO4와의 침전반응을 histone아닌 단백질과 비교 검사한 결과, "좀개구리밥"에서 단리한 것은 histone형 단백성분이 분명하였다.

We isolated histone-type basic proteins from lemna paucicostata for the first time. Basic proteins were extracted directly with dilute mineral acids from homogenized lemna paucicostata. Amino acid compositions of basic protein portions adsorbed on Amberlite CG-50(at pH 6. 0) were resembled to those of calf thymus histones. Especially, lysine content was the greatest of the other amino acids. By chromatographic studies, adsorbed portions of basic protein components on carboxymethyl cellulose column (at pH 4. 2) were shown to be homogeneous to calf thymus histones, however. the area under the individual curve was different, and furthermore, the containing of a non-adsorbed portion in the large extent was markedly different from calf thymus histones. And amino acid compositions of adsorbed portions represented the histone-type basic propertes, but non-adsorbed portions were considered as a different protein compared with the typical histone. When calf thymus histone and protein components separated from lemna paucicostata were heated(60℃) with a solution of HgSO4-H2SO4, precipitates were not obtained.

164 - 168
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