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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)
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ISSN 1017-2548(Print), 2234-8530(Online) | Volume 63, Number 6 | December 20, 2019
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  • The Differences of Graph Construction of Middle School Students on Daily-life and Scientific Contexts by the Views on the Nature of Scientific Measurement
  • 중학생의 측정의 본성에 대한 견해에 따른 일상 및 과학적 맥락에서의 그래프 구성의 차이
  • Jaewon Lee, Goeun Ryu, Kyuyul Lee, Taehee Noh*
  • Page : 473 - 485
  • DOI :
  • Keywords : 그래프 구성, 측정의 본성에 대한 견해, 일상 및 과학적 맥락 ,  Graph construction, Views on the nature of scientific measurement, Daily-life and scientific contexts
  • Analysis of Achievement Standards, Activities, and Assessment Items in Integrated Science, Chemistry I, Chemistry II Textbooks on Science Core Competency: Focusing on Acid·Base·Neutralization and Oxidation·Reduction
  • 통합과학, 화학 I, 화학 II의 성취기준과 교과서 활동 및 평가 문항의 과학과 핵심역량 분석: ‘산·염기·중화반응’과 ‘산화·환원’을 중심으로
  • EunAh Ko, Aeran Choi*
  • Page : 486 - 504
  • DOI :
  • Keywords : 2015 과학과 교육과정, 과학과 핵심역량, 통합과학, 화학 I, 화학 II ,  2015 science education standards, Science core competencies, Integrated science, Chemistry I, Chemistry II
  • Fluorescent Properties of the Tryptophan Containing Variants of Leucine-responsive Regulatory Proteins
  • Eui Ho Lee, Robert Pokoo, Eugeney Oh, Sunjoo Lim, Chan Yong Lee*
  • Page : 505 - 510
  • DOI :
  • Keywords : Global regulatory protein (Lrp), Fluorescence, Leucine, Site-directed mutagenesis