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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 51, Number 5
JKCSEZ 51(5)
October 20, 2007 



The Addition of Diethyl Malonate into Aldehydes Catalyzed by Oxynitrilase in Defatted Almond Meal
탈지아몬드가루의 Oxynitrilase의 촉매에 의한 Diethyl Malonate의 Aldehyde에 첨가
Hyejin Kim, Sunyoung Jung, Sunhak Lee, Yonghyun Ahn*
Keywords: 탈지아몬드가루, 디에틸 말론네이트, Oxynitrilase, 효소의 무분별 , Defatted almond meal, Diethyl malonate, Oxynitrilase, Enzyme promiscuity

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Theoretical Study on the Effects of Particle Size Distribution on the Optical Properties of Colloidal Gold
입자 크기 분포가 금 콜로이드의 광학성질에 미치는 영향에 대한 이론 연구
Hyojeong Kim*, Saha Leton Chandra, Joonkyung Jang*
Keywords: 표면 플라즈몬, 금 나노 입자, 소광 스펙트럼, 크기 분포, 미 이론 , Surface Plasmon Resonance, Gold Nanoparticle, Extinction Spectrum, Size Distribution, Mie Theory

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Measuring Oxytetracycline Using a Simple Prepared DNA Immobilized on a Carbon Nanotube Paste Electrode in Fish Tissue
DNA 고정 탄소나노튜브 페이스트전극의 물고기 세포속 테트라싸이클린에 정량
Suw Young Ly*, Chang Hyun Lee, Young Sam Jung
Keywords: Oxytetracycline, Square Wave Stripping, Cyclic Voltammetry, Carbon Nanotube, DNA, Paste Electrode , Oxytetracycline, Square Wave Stripping, Cyclic Voltammetry, Carbon Nanotube, DNA, Paste Electrode

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Sulphanilic Acid Catalyzed Facile One-pot Synthesis of 2,4,5-Triarylimidazoles From Benzil/Benzoin and Aromatic Aldehydes
Sulphanilic Acid촉매하에서 벤질/벤조인과 방향족 알데히드로부터 2,4,5-Triarylimidazoles의 간편한 One-pot 합성
A. F. Mohammed, N. D. kokare, J. N. Sangshetti*, D. B. Shinde*
Keywords: 술파닐산, Triarylimidazoles, 벤조인, 벤질, 초산 암모늄, 방향족 알데히드 , Sulphanilic Acid, Triarylimidazoles, Benzoin, Benzil, Ammonium Acetate, Aromatic Aldehydes

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Semiotic Analysis of the Inscriptions Representing Concept of Atom and Molecule in the 9th Grade Science Textbooks
중학교 3학년 과학 교과서에서 원자 및 분자 개념을 표상한 시각자료의 기호학적 분석
Taehee Noh, Misuk Yoon, Hunsik Kang, Jaeyoung Han*
Keywords: 시각자료, 원자, 분자, 과학 교과서, 기호학 , Inscription, Atom, Molecule, Science Textbook, Semiotics

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The Effect of Small-Scale Chemistry(SSC) Lab Program on Science-Majored Student’s Academic Self-Efficacy and Science-Related Affective Domain in High School Chemistry I Classes
Small-Scale Chemistry(SSC)를 적용한 화학 I 수업이 자연계열 고등학생의 학업적 자기효능감 및 과학 관련 정의적 특성에 미치는 영향
Mi-Hyun Yoo, Heesook Yoon, Hun-Gi Hong*
Keywords: Small-Scale Chemistry(SSC), 학업적 자기효능감, 과학 관련 정의적 특성, SSC에 대한 인식 , Small-Scale Chemistry(SSC), Academic Self-efficacy, Science-related Affective Domain, Perception on SSC Lab Program

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A Study on a Teacher’s and Students’ Perceptions of Learning Difficulties of the Chemical Bond Unit of the Chemistry II
화학II 화학결합 단원의 학습 어려움에 대한 학생과 교사의 인식 연구
Ki-Hwan Ko*, Sun-Kyung Lee, Kyung-Hee Kan
Keywords: 제7차 교육과정, 화학II, 화학결합단원, 교사와 학생의 인식, 학습 어려움 , 7th National Curriculum, Chemistry II, Chemical Bond Unit, Teacher’s and Students’ Perceptions, Learning difficulties

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The Analysis of Relationships among Self-Handicapping Tendency, Goal Orientation, Self-Efficacy and Learning Strategies in Chemistry Education
화학교과에서 자아핸디캡경향, 목표지향성, 자기효능감 및 학습전략 사이의 관계분석
Young Chun Ko*
Keywords: 경로모형, 자아핸디캡경향, 목표지향성, 자기효능감, 학습전략 , Paths Model, Self-Handicapping Tendency, Goal Orientation, Self-Efficacy, Learning Strategy

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Hydrolyses of N-Benzoyl-2-phenylimidazole and N-Benzoyl-4,5-diphenylimidazole
N-Benzoyl-2-phenylimidazole과 N-Benzoyl-4,5-diphenylimidazole의 가수분해반응
Jong Pal Lee*, Yong Hee Lee
Keywords: 가수분해반응, 이양성자종, N-벤조일-2-페닐이미다졸 , Hydrolysis Reaction, Di-protonated species, N-Benzoyl-2-phenylimidazole

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