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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 41, Number 7
JKCSEZ 41(7)
February 20, 1997 



Photoacoustic Investigation of Carrier Transport and Thermal Diffusivity in GaAs and Si
광음향분광법을 이용한 GaAs와 Si 반도체의 열확산도 측정과 운반자특성 연구
Jong-Tae Lim, Ho-Youn Han, Seung-Han Park, Ung Kim, Joong-Gill Choi*

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Coated Wire Lead(Ⅱ) Ion-Selective Electrodes based on Crown Ethers
Crown Ether를 이용한 탐침형 납 이온 선택성 전극
Mi Kyeong Jang, Kwang Soo Ha, Moo Lyong Seo*

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Chicken Liver Tissue-Based Amperometric Biosensor for the Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide
닭의 간조직을 이용한 과산화수소 정량 바이오센서
Kil-Joong Yoon, Sang-Yong Pyun, Hyo-Shik Kwon

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Kinetics and Mechanism of the Hydrolysis of 1-Halo-3-Phenyl-1,2-Propadienes
1-Halo-3-Phenyl-1,2-Propadiene들의 가수분해에 대한 반응속도론적 연구
Kang-Ryul Lee, Yoo Hil Ra, In-Chan Jung, Tae Sung Huh

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Syntheses and in vitro Antitumor Activities of 8-Azaxanthine and Its Derivatives
8-Azaxanthine과 그 유도체의 합성 및 시험관내 항암 활성
Bong-Hun Lee*, Jung-Hee Shin, Tae-Sik Jang, Jang-Su Park, Shin-Won Kang

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Kinetics and Mechanism of the Hydrolysis of N-(4-Chlorobenzoyl)-C-(5-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-thio)imidoyl chloride
N-(4-Chlorobenzoyl)-C-(5-methyl-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-thio)imidoyl chloride의 가수분해 반응 메카니즘
Ki-Sung Kwon, Jeong-Nam Heo, Cheon-Suk Kim, Yong-Gu Lee, Nack-Do Sung

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Chiral Calix[4]arene: The Synthesis of 5,17-Di-tert-butyl-11-methyl-23-phenyl-26-alkoxy-25,27,28-trihydroxy-calix[4]arenes
비대칭 캘릭스[4]아렌:5,17-디-t-부틸-11-트리히드록시캐릭스[4]아렌의 합성
Kwang Hyun No*, Keun Hee Kim, Tae Eun Kim

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The Structure and Function of 5S rRNAs from Pseudomonadaceae
Pseudomonadaceae의 5S rRNA의 구조와 기능
Moonjoo Koh, Bongrae Cho, Sangbumn Kim, Younghoon Lee, Inwon Park*

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