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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 10, Number 2
JKCSEZ 10(2)
April 20, 1966 



Reaction of Nitrous Acid on 5-Aminopyrimidines [Ⅲ] Sandmeyer Reaction of Diazotizated 5-Amino-6-Methyluracil
Aminopyrimidine 유도체에 대한 아질산의 작용 [Ⅲ] Diazotizated 5-Amino-6-Methyluracil에 대한 Sandmeyer 반응
Sae Hee Chang, Bo-Sup Hahn, In Kyu Kim, Sae Hwa Oh

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Aqueous oxidation of sulfide ore (part 1) Aqueous Oxidation of Marmatite in Ammonia Solution
황화광의 액상산화 (제1보) 아연광의 암모니아용액중에서의 습식산화
Dong Seon Kim, Tae Seong Chang, Yong Bok Lee

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Study on Sugar metabolism in Soybean Germination [Ⅰ] (Isolation of Nucleotide Sugars)
콩 발아시의 당의 대사에 관한 연구 (Ⅰ) (Nucleotide 당의 분리)
Taik Yung Kim, Hyun Jae Shin

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The Effects for insecticide and synthesis of 5,6,8-trichloro-2,4-di-trichloro methyl benzo-1,3-dioxane
5,6,8-Trichloro-2,4-di-trichloromethyl-benzo-1,3-dioxane의 합성과 살충능에 관하여
Dae Soo Lee

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Fundamental Studies on Sinyewon Clays
신예원점토에 관한 기초적 연구
Soon Za Park, Nam Soon Ann, Yoon Ho Kim

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A Study on Industrial Preparation Method of Ammonium Sulfate by Non-catalytic Oxidation
무촉매산화에 의한 황산암모늄의 공업적 제법에 관한 연구
Ki-yong Chung

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Transient State Theory of Significant Liquid Structure applied to Water
액체구조에 관한 천이상태이론의 물에 대한 적용
Hyungsuk Pak, Seihun Chang

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Spectrochemical Determination of Impurities in Rutile
금홍석내에 포함된 불순물의 분광화학적 측정
Jae-Young Hwang

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Thermodynamic Parameters for Micelle Formation of Dodecylpyridinium Chloride
Dodecylpyridinium Chloride의 micelle 형성의 열역학변수
Man Un Han

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