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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 41, Number 2
JKCSEZ 41(2)
April 20, 1997 

Preparation and Polymerization of Alkenylsilanes

Alkenylsilane의 제조와 고분자화반응
Chungkyun Kim, Soon Kyu Choi, Eunmi Park, Inkyung Jung

실릴트리플레이트(Ph3-nSiH(OTf)n))는 낮은 온도에서 트리펜일실란과 트리플산(CF3SO3H)의 반응에의해 형성되며 이러한 화합물은 새로운 기능성 실란 유도체의 제조에 이용되고 있다. 실릴트리플레이트와 알캔일-, 알킨일마그네슘 브롬아이드 그리고 유기리티움 화합물과의 반응에 의해 새로운 실란 화합물 Ph2SiHR(R=C≡CPh, CH=CH2, CH2CH=CH2, (CH2)2CH=CH2, (CH2)3CH=CH2)을 높은 수율로 얻었다. 합성된 알켄일-, 알킨일실란은 백금촉매 하에서 카보실란 고분자((Ph2SiCH=CPh)n, Ph2Si(CH2)m)n;m=2∼4,n≥10)와 5∼6 환고리 화합물을 형성하였다. 모든 생성물들은 NMR, UV, IR, 질량분석, 그리고 원소분석법에 의해 확인되었다.

The silyltriflates Ph3-nSiH(OTf)n have been produced by the reaction of triphenylsilane and triflic acid (CF3SO3H) at low temperature. These highly reactive compounds are a valuable reagent for the synthesis of numerous new functional substituted silane derivatives. The reaction of silyltriflates with alkenyl- and alkynylmagnesium bromide as well as organolithium compounds gave new silanes Ph2SiHR(R=C(CPh, CH=CH2, CH2CH=CH2, (CH2)2CH=CH2, (CH2)3CH=CH2) in high yields. The hydrosilation of prepared alkenyl- and alkynylsilanes Ph2SiHR in the presence of a platinum catalyst(Pt/C) at high temperature(200℃) gave carbosilane polymers((Ph2SiCH=CPh)n and (Ph2Si(CH2)m)n; m=2∼4, n≥10) along with five- and six-membered silaalkane ring compounds derived from intramolecular hydrosilation reactions. All of the prepared compounds are confirmed by NMR, UV, IR and mass spectroscopy as well as elemental analysis.

88 - 97
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