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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 40, Number 8
JKCSEZ 40(8)
April 20, 1996 

Reactions of Iron Alkynyl(Ethoxy)Carbene Complexes with Amines

철 알킨일(에톡시)카르벤 착물 유도체와 아민의 반응
Jaiwook Park, Jinkyung Kim, Hyunmin Jung

철 알킨일(에톡시)카르벤 착물과 아민의 반응에서 철 알킨일(아미노)카르벤 착물, (β-아미노비닐)카르벤 착물, η3-(2-(알킬카르보닐)비닐)카르벤 착물, 3-아미노알렌일리덴 착물의 생성을 관찰하였다. 각각 치환반응, Michael형 첨가반응, 첨가반응에 이은 자리 옮김 반응, 첨가반응에 이은 에톡시기 이탈반응에 의해 생성되는 이들의 생성 비율은 반응온도, 알킨일기의 치환기, 아민의 종류에 영향을 받는다.

Iron alkynyl(amino)carbene complexes, (β-aminovinyl)carbene complexes, η3-(2-(alkylcarbonyl)vinyl)carbene complexes, and a 3-aminoallenylidene complex were formed in the reactions of iron alkynyl(ethoxy)carbene complexes with amines. The ratio of the products, which were formed by substitution reaction, the Michael addition of amines, rearrangements after the addition reaction, and the addition followed by the elimination of the ethoxy group, respectively, was dependent on reaction temperature, the substituent of the alkynyl moiety, and employed amines.

571 - 578
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