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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 39, Number 3
JKCSEZ 39(3)
June 20, 1995 

Synthesis of New Morindaparvin A Derivatives (II)

새로운 Morindaparvin A 유도체들의 합성(II)
Young S. Rho*, Si Ho Park, Yoon Ja Kwon, Heun Soo Kang, In Ho Cho

노영쇠*, 박시호, 권윤자, 강흔수, 조인호
이미 합성하여 보고한 1,2-Dihydroxyanthraquinone 유도체(9,10)에 매우 간편하고 효율적인 방법으로 -N(CH3)2, -NH2, -COOH, -CHClC(O)NH2, -CHClCH2OH, -CHClC(O)CH3등이 분은 여러 종류의 새로운 Morindaparvin A(2~8)의 유도체를 합성하였다.

A simple and efficient synthesis of new kind of Morindaparvin A derivatives (2~8) containing -N(CH3)2, -OMe, -NH2, -COOH, -CHClC(O)NH2, -CHClCH2OH and -CHClC(O)CH3 was completed with the reported 1,2-dihydroxyanthraquinone derivatives (9, 10).

218 - 223
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