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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 38, Number 12
JKCSEZ 38(12)
December 20, 1994 

Studies on Partition and Extraction Equilibria of Metal-Dithiocarbamate Complexes(Ⅰ). Solvent Extraction of Inorganic Trace Mercury(Ⅱ)

Dithiocarbamate 금속착물의 분배 및 추출평형 (제 1 보) 흔적량 무기수은(Ⅱ)의 용매추출
Ho-Seong Choi, Jong-Moon Choi, Hee-Seon Choi, Young-Sang Kim

최호성, 최종문, 최희선, 김영상
킬레이트제로 zinc diethyldithiocabamate [Zn(DDC)2]를 사용하여 해수중 흔적량 무기수은(Ⅱ)의 용매추출에 관하여 연구하였다. Zn(DDC)2는 추출과정동안 산성 수용액에서 DDC-의 안정도를 유지하여 준다. 본 실험실에서 NaDDC와 ZnSO4로부터 Zn(DDC)2를 합성하였다. 흔적량 수은을 pH 3.0의 해수 100ml로부터 0.05 M Zn(DDC)2의 클로포름 용액 10ml에 5분간 흔들어 추출하였다. 그리고 클로로포름 유기상으로부터 Hg(DDC)2를 각 3% (v/v)인 질산과 염산의 1:1혼합산 용액 10ml에 25분간 흔들어 역추출하였다. 역추출된 수은을 냉증기 원자흡수 분광광도법으로 정량하였다. 본 추출과정을 해수중 수은의 정량에 응용하였고, 일정량의 수은을 첨가한 해수시료에서 90.0%와 93.3%의 회수율을 보여주었다.

The solvent extraction of an inorganic trace mercury in sea water samples was studied using zinc diethyldithiocabamate Zn(DDC)2 as chelating agent. The Zn(DDC)2 which maintained the stability of DDC- in the acidic aqueous solution in the course of extraction was synthesized from NaDDC and ZnSO4 in this laboratory. The trace of mercury(Ⅱ) was extracted at pH 3.0 from 100 ml of sea water into 10ml of chloroform containing 0.05 M Zn(DDC)2 by shaking for 5 minutes. And from the organic phase, the Hg(DDC)2 was back-extracted into 10ml of 1 to 1 mixed acid of each 3% (v/v) nitric acid and hydrochloric acid by shaking for 25 minutes. The mercury back-extracted was determined by a cold vapor atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The trace mercury(Ⅱ) was so successfully extracted that this procedure could be applied to its determination in the sea water. That is, the recoveries of mercury in two kinds of samples into which as given amount of Hg(Ⅱ) was spiked were 90.0% and 93.3%, respectively.

898 - 907
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