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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 38, Number 8
JKCSEZ 38(8)
April 20, 1994 

Light-Induced Electron Transfer Reactions in FeⅡ-CoⅢ Binuclear Complexes

FeⅡ-CoⅢ이핵착물의 광유발 전자이동반응
Gyu-Hwan Lee

이핵착물 (NC)5FeⅡ-L-CoⅢ(NH3)5 분자내에서의 광유발 전자이동반응을 정류상태 광분해 실험으로 조사하여 속도상수를 결정하고 다리리간드 L의 종류에 따른 영향을 고찰하였다. 금속 결합자리 사이에 콘쥬게이션이 유지되는 BP, PHEN, DAP 리간드는 klight가 약 3×10-2 sec-1, 양자수율이 상한값인 1이였으며 콘쥬게이션이 유지되지 못하는 BPEA리간드인 klight가 약 2×10-4 sec-1, 양자수율이 0.03으로 측정되었다. 이로부터 광유발 전자이동반응이 전하이동 들뜬 상태 MLCT*를 거치는 "화학적 메카니즘"인 것으로 증명하였다.

Light-induced electron transfer reaction within binuclear complex (NC)5FeⅡ-L-CoⅢ(NH3)5 was studied with steady-state photolysis and the rate constants were measured for various bridging lignands. klight and quantum yields for BP, PHEN, DAP having conjugation between metal binding sites were about 3×10-2 sec-1 and 1, and for BPEA having no conjugation were about 2×10-4 sec-1 and 0.03. Light-induced electron transfer reaction within binuclear complex was proved to be the chemical mechanism which had charge transfer excited state MLCT*.

598 - 602
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