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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 38, Number 7
JKCSEZ 38(7)
February 20, 1994 

Deposition of Tungsten Thin Film on Silicon Surface by Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Method

저압 화학 기상 증착법을 이용한 실리콘 표면 위의 텅스텐 박막의 증착
Sung Hoon Kim

저압 화학 기상 증착법을 사용하여 WF6의 환원반응으로 텅스텐 박막을 p형 실리콘 (100)표면위에 증착하였다. Cold-wall조건에서는 실리콘 기판과 SiH4를 각각 이용하여 WF6를 환원시켜 텅스텐 박막을 증착하였으며 hot-wall 조건에서는 WF6를 SiH4로 환원시켜 증착하였다. 박막의 결정구조는 어느 조건에서나 체심입방구조를 이루었으며, 증착조건에 따른 박막의 물리적 및 전기적 특성을 조사하였다. 증착된 박막을 온도 800℃에서 열처리한 결과 hot-wall 조건의 박막이 WSi2로 변화하였다. Hot-wall과 cold-wall조건에서의 박막을 분석한 결과 박막의 특성은 cold-wall조건이 우수하나 hot-wall조건에서는 열처리 방법에 의하여 실리콘 기판과 적합성이 우수한 것으로 알려진 WSi2 박막의 제조가 가능함을 알 수 있었다.

Tungsten thin film was deposited on p-(100) silicon substrate by using the LPCVD(low pressure chemical vapor deposition) technique. WF6 was used as a source gas for tungsten and SiH4 was used as a reducing gas for WF6. Tungsten thin film was deposited by either SiH4 or Si substrate reduction of WF6 under cold-wall condition and it was deposited by SiH4 reduction of WF6 under hot-wall condition. The crystal structure of deposited thin film under both conditions were identified to be bcc (body centered cubic). The physical and electrical properties of deposited thin films were investigated. The deposited film under hot-wall condition changed to WSi2 film by the annealing under 800℃. From the experimental results and theoretical considerations, the change of the crystal structure of the thin film by annealing was discussed. WSi2 thin film, which was known to have good compatibility with Si substrate, could be produced under hot-wall condition although the film properties were superior under cold-wall condition.

473 - 479
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