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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 38, Number 4
JKCSEZ 38(4)
August 20, 1994 

Photochemical Reaction of Aqueous Ethanol in the Presence of CO

일산화탄소가 포함된 에탄올 수용액의 광화학 반응
Hee-Jeong Kim, Hyeong-Chul Lee, Hyoung-Ryun Park

김희정, 이형철, 박형련
아르곤과 일산화탄소가 포화된 에탄올 수용액의 광화학 반응을 184.9 nm의 자외선을 이용 연구하였다. 아르곤이 포화된 1 × 10-2 M의 에탄올 수용액에서는 acetaldehyde와 2,3-butanediol만이 얻어졌으나, 일산화탄소가 포화된 용액의 광반응에서는 이들 두 가지 생성물 이외에 carboxylation 및 carboxylation반응이 진행되어 α-hydroxypropionaldehyde, formaldehyde, glyoxal, formic acid, oxalic acid and glyoxylic acid등이 생성되었다. 그러나 에탄올의 농도가 증가한 용액의 광반응에서는 일산화탄소의 존재유무에 관계없이 carboxylation과 carboxylation반응은 관찰되지 않았다. 반응의 결과 얻어진 각 생성물들에 대한 initial quantum yield의 값들을 결정하였으며, 산소가 제거된 에탄올 수용액의 광반응에서 얻은 결과와 비교하여 가능한 반응메카니즘을 제시하였다.

The photochemical reaction of aqueous ethanol saturated with argon and carbon monoxide has been investigated using 184.9 nm UV light. The photochemical reaction of 1 × 10-2 M aqueous ethanol saturated with argon results in the formation on the acetaldehyde and 2,3-butanediol. The irradiation of the solution saturated with carbon monoxide causes the formation of carbonylation and carboxylation products such as α-hydroxypropionaldehyde, formaldehyde, glyoxal, formic acid, oxalic acid and glyoxylic acid in addition to above two products. But in the case of concentrated ethanol solutions, the irradiation did not give carbonylation and carboxylation products. The initial quantum yields of the products were determined and probable mechanisms for the reaction were presented on the basis of product analysis.

271 - 275
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