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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 37, Number 11
JKCSEZ 37(11)
October 20, 1993 

Amperometric Enzyme Electrode for the Determination of NH4+

NH4+정량을 위한 Amperometric Enzyme Electrode
Moo Lyong Seo, Jae Sang Kim, Shim Sung Lee, Zun Ung Bae, Heung Lark Lee, Tae Myung Park

서무룡, 김재상, 이심성, 배준웅, 이흥락, 박태명
Immobilon-AV Affinity membrane에 L-glutamate dehydrogenase를 고정하여 유리질 탄소전극에 부착시킨 전극을 사용하여 암모니아를 전류법으로 정량하였다. 이때 환원형의 NADH가 NAD+로 산화될 때 전류를 +1.0 volt vs. Ag/AgCl에서 측정하였다. 효소 고정화된 membrane을 부착시킨 전극의 감응 특성은 다음과 같다. 곧 직선 감응 농도 범위는 4.0 × 10-5 to 4.0 × 10-4 M이었으며, 정량한계는 2.0 × 10-6 M이었다. 또한 감응 시간은 2분이었으며 효소 고정화된 막의 최적 pH와 수명은 각각 pH 7.3∼7.6 (Dulbecco's buffer 용액)과 25일이었다. 그리고 다른 생리활성 물질의 방해는 없었다.

Enzyme electrodes for amperometric measurement of ammonia was prepared by immobilization of L-glutamate dehydrogenase on an Immobilon-AV Affinity membrane and attachment to a glassy carbon electrode. Reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) was used as the electroactive species. The electrochemical oxidation of NADH was monitored at +1.0 volt vs. Ag/AgCl. Response was linear from 4.0 × 10-5 to 4.0 × 10-4 M. The detection limit was 2.0 × 10-6 M. Response time, the optimum pH and life time of enzyme immobilized membrane were 2 min, pH 7.3∼7.6 (Dulbecco's buffer solution) and about 25 days respectively. When the enzyme electrode was applied to the NH4+ determination with amperometric method, other physiological materials had no interference.

937 - 942
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