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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 33, Number 4
JKCSEZ 33(4)
August 20, 1989 

Substituent Effects for the Menschutkin-Type Reaction of Substituted 2-Phenylethyl arenesulfonates with Substituted Pyridines

치환 2-Phenylethyl arenesulfonate 류와 치환 피리딘류의 Menschutkin 형 반응에 관한 치환기 효과
Soo-Dong Yoh, Joong Hyup Kim

여수동, 김중협
치환 2-phenylethyl tosylate와 치환 피리딘을 아세토니트릴에서, 2-phenylethyl m-nitrobenzenesulfonate(2-PNS)와 치환 피리딘을 아세토니트릴과 메탄올 용매 중에서 각각 반응시켰다. 기질과 친핵체 다같이 전자를 미는 치환기는 반응속도를 증가시켰다. 이들 결과는 전이상태 변화를 예측하는 More O'Ferral과 양자역학적인 모델에서 결합 파괴가 결합형성보다 더 진전된 Sn2 메카니즘으로 진행함을 보였다. 전이상태 변화는 양자 역학적인 모델의 예측이 실험치와 잘 일치하였고 이탈기에서는 More O'Ferral 도시가 잘 맞지 않았다. 2-PNS 와 피리딘류와의 반응에서는 아세토니트릴이 메탄올용매보다 반응이 빨랐다.

The rates for the reaction of substituted 2-phenylethyl tosylates with substituted pyridines were measured in acetonitrile and that of 2-PNS with substituted pyridines were investigated in both acetonitrile and methanol. The substitutent effect was accelerated by an electron-donating substituent on both substrate and nucleophile. Results showed that More O'Ferrall and quantum mechanical model of predicting transition state structure suggest the reaction proceeds via an SN2 mechanism, in which bond-breaking is more advanced than bond-formation. Transition state variation predicted with the quantum mechanical model is consistent with the experimental results, whereas the predictions provided by the More O'Ferrall plots is found to be inconsistent in leaving group. In the reaction of 2-PNS, the rate constants in acetonitrile were larger than that in methanol.

413 - 418
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