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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 32, Number 1
JKCSEZ 32(1)
February 20, 1988 

Synthesis and Biological Activity Test of the Sex Pheromone of the Diamond Back Moth

배추좀나방의 성 페로몬의 합성과 생물활성시험
Suk-Ku Kang, Chul-Hee Lee, Jung Han Kim, Jeong-Oon Lee

강석구, 이철희, 김정한, 이정운
배추좀나방의 성 유인물질인 (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-올, (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-알, (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-일 아세테이트를 합성하여 생물활성 시험을 수행하였다. 1-헥신의 리튬음이온을 10-브로모데칸-1-올 THP 에테르와 반응시켜 11-헥사데신-1-올 THP 에테르를 얻었다. 이를 수소환원시킨 후 (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-올 THP 에테르를 생성시킨 다음 보호기를 제거시켜 (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-올을 합성하였다. 아세틸화시켜 (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-일 아세테이트를 산화시켜 (Z)-11-헥사데센-1-알을 각각 합성하였다. 합성된 성 페로몬에 대한 배추좀나방 숫컷의 성 유인력을 시험해 본 결과 활성이 있음을 밝혀졌다.

Synthesis and biological activity test are described for the (Z)-11-hexadecen-1-ol, (Z)-11-hexadecen-1-yl acetate, and (Z)-11-hexadecen-l-al, the sex pheromone of the diamond back moth, Plutella xylostella L.. Lithium acetylide was alkylated with 10-bromodecan-1-ol THP ether to give 11-hexadecyn-l-ol THP ether. 11-Hexadecyn-l-ol THP ether was stereoselectively reduced over Pd/BaSO4to yield (Z)-11-hexadecen-l-ol THP ether, which was in turn deprotected to provide (Z)-11-hexadecen-l-ol. (Z)-11-Hexadecen-l-ol was acetylated and oxidized to afford (Z)-11-hexadecen-1-yl acetate and (Z)-11-hexadecen-l-al, respectively. Biological activity test of the synthetic compounds, (Z)-11-hexadecen-l-ol, (Z)-11-hexadecen-1-yl acetate, and (Z)-11-hexadecen-l-al in the ratio of 0.1 : 5 : 5 was tested in the field using polyethylene capsules as containers. The numbers of moth trapped with pheromone vials were counted.

60 - 64
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