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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 31, Number 5
JKCSEZ 31(5)
October 20, 1987 

Poly(D-glutamic acid)-Fe(Ⅱ) Complex Formation and Its Stability Constant

Poly(D-glutamic acid)-Fe(Ⅱ) 복합물의 형성과 안정도 상수에 관하여
Chong-Su Cho, Seon-Ung Kim

조종수, 김선웅
수용액에서 Fe(Ⅱ)-poly(D-glutamic acid) (PGA) 복합물 형성이 pH와 농도에 따라서 흡수와 원이색성 분광 광도계로 확인되었으며, 철 이온과 복합물 형성에 의한 PGA의 구조 변화와 안정도 상수도 검토되었다. PGA와 Fe(Ⅱ)사이에 형성된 후 pH4.3에서는 α-helix를 파괴(α-helix 파괴 효과)하고 pH5.7에서는 α-helix를 유도(α-helix유도 효과)하는 것을 알 수 있었다. α-helix의 PGA구조가 random coil의 PGA구조 보다 전 안정도 상수 값이 큰 것으로 보아 random coil의 PGA구조에서 더욱 안정된 복합물을 형성하고 있음을 알 수 있었다.

Fe(Ⅱ)-poly(D-glutamic acid) (PGA) complex in aqueous solution has been investigated as functions of pH and concentration of Fe(Ⅱ) by using absorption and circular dichroism spectroscopies. The helix-breaking interaction occurred at pH 4.3 while the helix-directing one occurred at pH 5.7 after forming complex between PGA and Fe(Ⅱ). The relationship between conformation change of PGA by forming complex with Fe(Ⅱ) and complex constants for the above system was studied. As a result, stability constants in random coil structure of PGA are larger than those in α-helix structure. This result indicates that the random coil structure of PGA-Fe(Ⅱ) complex shows more stable complex than α-helix one.

471 - 475
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