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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 29, Number 3
JKCSEZ 29(3)
June 20, 1985 

Cooperativity of the Interaction of Nucleohistone and DNase 1, and Effects of Spermine and Dansylation on It

Nucleohistone과 DNase 1 과의 상호작용의 Cooperativity 및 이에 미치는 Spermine과 Dansylation 효과
Chan Yong Lee, Thong-Sung Ko

이찬용, 고동성
송아지 흉선 nucleohistone의 DNase 1에 대한 susceptibility와 상호작용의 cooperativity에 미치는 spermine의 효과를 nucleostone의 구조변이와 관련시켜 조사하였다. 이들 data로 부터 nucleohistone은 유리 DNA와는 대조적으로 spermine에 의하여 monomoclecular condensation을 일으키지 않고 intermolecular aggregation을 이루며 nucleohistone의 DNase 1과의 상호작용 cooperativity가 spermine에 의하여 증가됨을 추리할 수 있다. Nucleohistine의 histone 부분의 cooperativity에 관한 기능적 역할을 구명하기 위하여 histone 부분을 단실화시킨 DNS-nucleohistone을 제조하여 보았는바 negative cooperativity로 나타났다. 이로 부터 nucleohistone의 histone부분은 nucleohistone의 cooperativity에 영향을 미치리라고 추리할 수 있다.

Effect of spermine on the susceptibility of calf thymus nucleohistone to DNase 1, in relation to the structural change of the nucleohistone, and cooperativity of the interaction of the nucleohistone with DNase 1 was investigated. Dansylated nucleohistone, in which the histone moiety had been derivatized by dansylation, was also used to investigate functional roles of the histone moiety on the cooperativity. The data here indicate the possibility that the nucleohistone, in contrast with the DNA, may not undergo monomolecular condensation, whereas intermolecular aggregation and enhancement of the positive cooperativity of the interaction of nucleohistone with DNase 1 may be brought about by spermine. The interaction of the DNS-nucleohistone with DNase 1 showed negative cooperativity. Based on the data here, it can be speculated that the cooperativity of the nucleohistone is influenced by the histone moiety of the nucleohistone.

304 - 310
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