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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 28, Number 4
JKCSEZ 28(4)
August 20, 1984 

The Molybdate-Sensing Electrodes

Molybdate 이온 감응 전극
Gwon-Shik Ihn, Jung-hwa Lee, Tae-won Min

인권식, 이중화, 민태원
Molybdate 이온 감응에 대하여 세가지 성분인 Ag2S-PbS-PbMoO4로된 전극이 제조되어 평가되었다. 성분비(w/w%)가 64.5 : 14.0 : 21.5인 전극이 전위차 감응, 안정도, 감응속도, 재현성이 우수 하였다. 0.1F NH4Ac-NH4OH 완충용액 속에서 일정한 이온강도와 pH 7.95로 조성된 10-1 ∼ 10-5M MoO42- 농도범위에서 실험하였고, I-, Cl-, Br- 와 CN-등이 방해하였다.

Three component Ag2S-PbS-PbMoO4electrodes have been prepared and evaluated for sensitivity to molybdate. The 64.5 : 14.0 : 21.5(w/w%) composition is superior in terms of potentiometric response, stability, rapidity of response and reproducibility. Testing was done over the concentration range of 10-1 ∼ 10-5M MoO42- in 0.1F NH4Ac-NH4OH buffer solution at pH 7.95 with constant ionic strength. I-, Cl-, Br- and CN-, etc. interfere.

238 - 243
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