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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 26, Number 6
JKCSEZ 26(6)
December 20, 1982 

Synthesis and Characterization of Substituted Pyridine Complexes of Molybdenum (Ⅳ). Oxotrichlorobis(substituted pyridine) molybdenum (Ⅴ)

몰리브덴의 피리딘계 착물합성과 그 성질 (제4보). 옥소삼클로로비스(치환피리딘) 몰리브덴 (Ⅴ)
Chang Su Kim, Sang Oh Oh

김창수, 오상오
옥소클로로몰리브덴(Ⅴ)산 치환피리딘늄의 초록색결정은 몰리브덴(V)-티오시안산 추출용액의 진한 염산용액에서 얻었다. MoOCl3(X-py)2(X-py는 4-시아노피리딘, 3-시아노피리딘, 2-아미노-4-피코린 및 4-아세틸피리딘)은 무수알코올에서 (X-pyH)2[MoOCl5]·H2O을 환류시켜 염화수소를 날려보낸 다음 얻었다. MoO3+를 가지는 (X-pyH)2[MoOCl5]·H2O는 물에 용해되어 가수분해되나 MoOCl3(X-py)2는 알코올 및 아세톤등에 녹지 않았다. (X-pyH)2[MoOCl5]·H2O는 상자성의 전해질이나 MoOCl3(X-py)2는 상자성의 비전해질 착물임을 알았다.

Green crystalline salts of substituted pyridinium oxopentachloromolybdates(Ⅴ) were obtained from concentrated hydrochloric acid solution of molybdenum(V)-thiocyanate extract. MoOCl3(X-py)2 (X-py were 4-and 3-cyanopyridine, 2-amino-4-picoline and 4-acetylpyridine) were obtained by reflux of the corresponding substituted pyridinium salts of oxopentachloromolybdates(Ⅴ) in absolute ethanol. (X-pyH)2[MoOCl5]·H2O containing the MoO3+ group are dissolved and hydrolysed in water but MoOCl3(X-py)2 are insoluble in water, alcohol and acetone. The complexes are paramagnetic compounds.

378 - 382
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