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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 24, Number 4
JKCSEZ 24(4)
August 20, 1980 

Electrical Conductance and Electrode Reaction of RbAg4I5 Single Crystals

고체전해질 RbAg4I5 단결정의 전기전도성과 전극반응
Jong Hee Park, Woon-kie Paik

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고체전해질 RbAg4I5의 단결정을 키워서 온도에 따른 전기전도율의 변화를 퍼텐티오메트릭 4-전극방법으로 측정하고 Ag/RbAg4I5, 계면에 대한 전기화학적 성질을 순환전압전류법으로 조사하였다. 25℃에서 단결정의 비전기전도율은 0.284±0.003 ohm-1cm-1이었고 Ag+이온의 이동에 대하여 계산된 활성화에너지는 1.70kcal/mol로서 다결정 시료에 대한 값들과 거의 일치하였다. 순환전압전류법 실험결과 은 기준전극에 대한 전위 0볼트 이하에서는 은 전극에서 Ag+ 이온의 가역적환원이 일어났고 +0.67볼트 이상의 전위에서 요오드화 이온이 산화되어 요오드가 유리되었다. 은의 산화 전위에서 은 전극은 작은 양극전류만을 나타내었으나 환원전위에서 은 전극의 표면에 환원 석출된 은은 다시 양극 전위로 돌아갈 때 아주 큰 산화전류를 나타내었다.

The electrical conductivity of solid electrolyte RbAg4I5 single crystal was studied at various temperatures. The four-probe method was used in measuring the conductance with an ac signal imposed on the specimen. The ionic conductivity was 0.284 ohm-1 cm-1 at 25℃, and the activation energy for Ag+ ion migration was calulated to be 1.70 kcal/mole. These values agree well with those reported for polycrystalline samples. Reactions at Ag/RbAg4I5 interface were studied by cyclic voltammetry with a silver reference electrode. It was found that silver ion is reversibly reduced at silver surfaces below zero volt, and iodide was oxidized above +0.67 volt.The anodic current arising from the oxidation of the electrode was small in magnitude initially over a wide range of potential, but, after silver was cathodically deposited on the electrode, reversing the potential sweep to the anodic direction resulted in a sharp peak of anodic current.

295 - 301
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