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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 14, Number 3
JKCSEZ 14(3)
June 20, 1970 

Geochemical Investigation in Contaminated River Waters(Part Ⅲ) Bromine Contents of River Water in Seoul
Yong Keun Lee
Halogen contents of the river water of Seoul city and of municipal reservoirs were investigated from June in 1969 to February in 1970. Bromine contents were ranging from 0.006 to 0.048 mg/l of the reservoirs, 0.021 to 0.048 mg/l of Han River, 0.051 to 0.540 mg/l of rivers running through residential areas and 0.083 to 0.920 mg/l of rivers running through industrial areas. Bromine contents increased as the river water became contaminated. Most of Br/Cl of Han River and the reservoirs were higher than 3.4×10-3 of sea water. Bromine contents at 17 different places were the largest in November. The contents of chlorine, iodine and COD (chemical oxygen demand) were nearly correlated with that of bromine. Bromine contents of the river waters in Seoul chiefly originated from consumption of domestic and industrial common salt.
243 - 256
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