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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 11, Number 3
JKCSEZ 11(3)
June 20, 1967 

Direct acid Leaching of zinc from Marmatite ores 2 Kinetics of Autoclave Leaching of Synthetic β-ZnS

참조팝나무의 성분 Alkaloid 에 관한 연구
Kim Jae Won

한국 산야에 야생하는 참조팝나무 Spiraea Koreana Nakai(Spiraeceae)엽으로 부터 m.p. 182~1 84℃의 苦味를 갖인 Alkaloid를 무색 柱狀의 결정으로 얻었다.(수득율 0.13%). 이 물질은 광학적으로 활성이며(비선광도[ ]D19+3.4 in CHCl3), Mass Spectrometry에 의해 결정한 분자식은 C23H33NO3이다. 문헌미기재의 것임으로 Spirajine이라 명명하였다. Spiraea Koreane N. 엽 중에는 이 외에도 다른 2종의 알칼로이드가 미량으로 함유되어 있음을 Thin Layer Chromatography로 확인하였으나 결정으로는 못얻었다. Spirajine의 부분화학구조에 대해 화학반응, UV, IR, NMR, MS, ORD 등으로 분석검토함과 아울러 Mass Spectrogram의 Cracking Pattern으로부터의 Fragmentation Analysis의 결과, 분자 중 Cyclohexane 및 Cyclopentane 고리들을 갖으며 그 중 하나는 , 불포화 Cyclohexenone고리이고 그 외에 methyl기, 카보닐기, 수산기, N-Methyl기 등 여러 작용기의 존재를 결정하였다.

The influence of impurities contained in Marmatite ores on leaching of zinc was investigated. The zinc sulfide having the same crystal structure of natural Sphalerite was prepared by heating the zinc sulfide chemically precipitated, at 650℃ in nitrogen atmosphere. The activation energy of the sample was 25.8 kcal per mole in the leach test when oxygen partial pressure was 5 atm. and the value was exceedingly high compared to that obtained in Marmatite ores. Synthetic zinc sulfides added with small amount of each impurities were treated in same procedure. As a result, it was found that the leaching velocity was accelerated sharply when about 1 percent of Cu++ was blended to the sample. Larger amount of iron has also same effect but the effect was minor compared to the copper. The other impurities indicated no appreciable catalytic action.

111 - 116
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