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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 10, Number 4
JKCSEZ 10(4)
August 20, 1966 

Mechanism of Photosensitized Curing Reaction of Cinnamoylated Polymers

Cinnamoylated Polymers의 광증감 경화반응기구
Kwang Sup Kim, Jyong Sup Shim

김광섭, 심정섭
cinnamoylated photosensitive polymer의 광증감 경화반응기구를 반응속도론적으로 연구했다. Cinnamic acid(C)와 증감제(S)의 first excited singlet and lowest triplet energy level diagram과 증감제의 농도증가에 따른 sensitivity의 포화 등의 사실로부터 이 반응의 주요과정은 C와 S의 광 energy흡수에 의한 C*(1) 및 S*(1)로의 여기, S*(1)―>S*(3) intersystem crossing, S의 excimer 형성, S*(3)―>C*(3) energy transfer 그리고 C*(3)와 C의 termination 등임을 가정하고 다음 반응속도를 구했다. -d[C]/dt = K1[C]/(K2 + [C])·[Icabs/(K3 + [S]) + K4[C]/(K5 + [C])(K6 + [S])(Isabs + K7Icabs[S]/(K8 + [S])] Icabs,Isabs ;C 및 S의 광흡수율 Kn;상수 적외선 흡수스펙트럼 분석의 결과, Cinnamoyl 에스테르화도와 sensitivity의 관계 및 증감제의 농도와 sensitivity의 관계에 대하여 발표된 실험 data는 윗식을 만족시키므로 가정한 반응기구에 대한 뒷받침을 얻었다.

The multistep mechanism of photosensitized curing reaction cinnamoylated photosensitive polymer is proposed from the energy level diagram of cinnamic acid and sensitizer, and from the fact that excess of sensitizer brings the sensitivity to a limiting value etc. Various factors which have effects on the ability of sensitizer are also discussed. The mechanism involves following steps: activation to the first excited singlet states of cinnamoyl group(C) and sensitizer(S) by their absorption of photon, their intersystem crossing to the lowest triplet state, bimolecular internal quenching by formation of excimer of sensitizer, triplet excitation energy transfer and intermolecular addition between cinnamoyl group in ground state and that in triplet state. The rate equation derived from this mechanism is -d[C]/dt = K1[C]/(K2 + [C])[Icabs/(K3 + [S]) + K4[C]/(K5 + [C])(K6 + [S])(Isabs + K7Icabs[S]/(K8 + [S])] where Icabs and Isabs: the rates of absorption of photon by cinnamoyl group and sensitizer Ka: Constants. It is proved with the cinnamate of poly(glyceryl phthalate)(PGC) in the absence of sensitizer using the infrared analytical method and successfully applied for the experimental data reported on the effects of the degree of cinnamoyl esterification and the concentration of sensitizer upon the sensitivity.

166 - 174
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