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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 8, Number 2
April 20, 1964 

An Improved Method for the Determination of Scandium by Neutron Activation Analysis

스칸듐정량을 위한 개량된 방사화분석법
Koo-Soon Chung, Chul Lee

정구순, 이철
모나자이트중의 스칸디움 함량을 더욱 간편히 결정할 수 있도록 개량한 방사화분석법을 기술하엿다. 즉 열중성자속(10 12n/cm2/sec)에 조사된 시료에 스칸듐을 에테르로 추출하였다. 스칸듐의 화학적 회수률은 스칸듐을 만델린산으로 침전시켜서 중량분석법에 의하여 결정하였다. 본분리법에 의한 스칸듐의 분리능과 공존원소의 방사능의 방해여부는 이온교환수지를 사용하여 스칸듐을 분리한 결과와 비교검사하였다. 스칸듐의 방사능은 Gamma-scintillation spectrometry 에 의하여 계획하였고 한국산 모나자이트에는 약 12 p.p.m.의 스칸듐의 함유되어 있음을 알았다.

A rapid and simple method is described here for the determination of scandium in monazite by neutron activation analysis. The sample is irradiated for 20 hours at the neutron flux of 1012 thermal neutrons/cm2/sec in the TRIGA MARK Ⅱ reactor, after which the sample is decomposed by fusion with concentrated sulfuric acid. The scandium-46 together with scandium carrier are separated from the irradiated sample by precipitating with ammonia, and are extracted by solvent extraction of the thiocyanate complex into ether. The induced radioactivity is measured by gamma scintillation spectrometry using the Multichannel Pulse Height Analyzer connected with 2" × 2" NaI(Tl). The chemical yield is determined gravimetrically by precipitating scandium with mandelic acid. In order to check the efficiency of scandium separation and the errors from interfering activities of the other elements, scandium was separated by the cation exchange resin column, and the results from both samples were compared each other, which showed that the chemical procedure used in this work was as selective as the ion-exchange method with respect to scandium separation. The scandium contents in Korean monazite were found to be about 12 p. p. m.

88 - 91
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