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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 8, Number 2
April 20, 1964 

Spot Test for Amins Acids with Alloxan

Alloxan 에 의한 Amino Acids 의 Spot Test
Tea Bong Kim, Bo-Sup Hahn

김태봉, 한보섭
Alloxan에 의한 Amino acids의 spot test에 있어서, alloxan수용액에 lactose를 가해주면, alloxan 자신의 착색을 막을 수 있다. lactose를 포함하는 alloxan수용액은 매우 안정하여서, 실온에서 수 개월 동안 두어도 착색되지 않으며, lactose의 존재로 말미암아, alloxan과 amino acids와의 색반응은 조금도 영향을 받지 않았다. 이시약에 의한 amino acids의 spot test법은 ninhydrin에 의한 spot test보다 예민하고, 또 alloxan 또는 dimethylalloxan을 발색약으로 사용하는 paper chromatography법에 비해, proline(1γ), hydroxyprolin(5γ)를 확인할 수 있다는 장점을 가지고 있다.

In order to stabilze alloxan as a reagent for detection of amino acids by spot test, sugars and other reductants were added to the aqueous alloxan solution. It was found that lactose was the best for the purpose. The alloxan reagent containing lactose did not give color change on blank test and was very stable that there was no color change even it was allowed to stand in room temperature for several months. The color reaction with amino acids and some amines was not affected by lactos. This spot test for amino acids is in sensitivity as comparable to that of the previously reported methods and gave color reaction with proline and hydroxyproline to 1γ and 5γ respectively.

85 - 87
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