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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 8, Number 1
February 20, 1964 

A Study of the Viscosity of Some Electrolytic Solutions and Its Concentration Function

전해질용액의 점도계수의 측정과 농도관계에 대한 고찰
Yull Sakong, Jung-Euy Hwang

사공열, 황정의
전해질용액의 점도가 농도의 양수임은 기지의 사실이나 전농도에 걸쳐 잘 맞는 관계식은 아직 발견되지 않았다. 표면장력 역시 이러한 관계가 있으나 완전한 식은 없으며 이들은 모두 용액내의 이온의 상태에 기인하므로 표면장력과 덤도간에도 일정한 관계가 있을 것으로 생각되는 바이다. 순수한 물질에 대한 관계식은 Silverman(1)이 Batchinski식 과 MacLeod 식에서 γ= A/η+ B 식을 유도하여 실험오차 범위안에서 일치된다고 했으나 아직 Jones(4)들이 측정한 몇가지 염을 제외하고는 거의 모든 염용액의 점도나 표면장력의 정밀한 값은 측정되지 않았음으로 우선 여기서는 몇가기 염용액의 점도를 측정하였고 또 점도계수와 농도관계를 고찰하였다.

The viscosities of strong electrolytic solutions, such as KCl, KI and NaI have been measured over a fairy wide range of concentration variation (from 0.00002 to 3.7M). It was hoped that a study of the data in the light of modern theories on solution might reveal new relation between viscosity and surface tension of electrolytic solution. To secure more accurate measurements of viscosity and surface tension of the solutions, Ostwald viscometer was made with pyrex glass and modified the timing system for the transit of the meniscus with a new electronics system and with a pulse counter. As the experimental data obtained were in good agreement with the Jone's values, Jones-Dole equations for the electrolytic solutions were deduced, ηKCl = 1 + 0.0052√c - 0.01612c + 0.00808c2 at 30℃ ηKI = 1 + 0.0220√c - 0.01290c + 0.02988c2 at 25℃ ηNaI = 1 + 0.0240√c - 0.0640c + 0.03268c2 at 25℃ Gruneisen effect appeared in the dilute solution, whereas anti-Gruneisen effect was found for the extremely dilute solution. No satisfactory interpretation for the variation of the viscosity with concentration can be found at the present.

9 - 14
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