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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 7, Number 3
June 20, 1963 

Reaction of Organic Halogen Compounds with Metals (Part Ⅰ) A Formation of Organometallic Complex in Dimethyl in Dimethyl Formamide Solvent

유기할로겐 화합물과 금속과의 반응 (제1보). 디메칠호름아마이드 용매존재하에서의 유기금속콤프렉스 생성에 관한 연구
Yon Sun Kim

유기함염소 에스테르, 알콜, 및 산과 금속아연 및 철을 dimethyl formanmide 용매존재하에서 반응시킨 결과 금속 콤프렉스를 좋은 수률로 생성하였다. 같은 반응을 혼합자외선조사하에서 지행시킨 결과 고온 이하에서는 콤프렉스의 생성이 크지못하였다. D.M.F.에 의한 금속 콤프렉스의 용해효과는 토루엘이나 사이크로헥산보다 훨씬 컸었다. 염소를 함유한 산에서는 산의 금속염의 금속 콤프렉스가 생성됨을 관찰하였다. 카보닐 precursor와의 반응에 있어서는 소량의 쌍합물과 함께 부가물을 생성하였으나 수률이 높지 못하였다(산 30∼40%, 에스테르 73%, 알콜 14.6%). 그러나 이 방법은 제래법에 비하여 종래법에 비하여 간편한 것임을 알았다. 연구결과를 용매효과에 관련시켜 논의하였으며 실험방식을 보고하였다.

Reaction of organic chlorine containing ester, alcohol, and acids with metallic tin and zinc in dimethyl formamide solvent gave a good yield of organo metallic complex. The same reaction under a mixed U.V. irradiation could not give an appreciable yield of the complex except in the case of an elevated reaction temperature. The solvation effect of dimethyl formamide of the metallic complex formation was markedly increased as compared to the reaction in toluene and cyclohexane. In case of chlorine containing carboxylic acid, the formation of organo chloro zinc complex of the salt was observed. The reaction of organo zinc complex with a carbonyl precursor gave the addition product together with a dimerized product. Especially the aldehyde species enhanced the formation of zinc complex. The addition reaction was simple and convenient, but the yield was not high.(30-40% for the acid, 73% for the ester, 14.6% for alcohol). The result was discussed on basis of solvent effect and the procedures were described.

216 - 224
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