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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 57, Number 3
JKCSEZ 57(3)
June 20, 2013 

Crystal Structure and Characterization of a New Eight Coordinated Cadmium Complex
Mohammad Hakimi*, Keyvan Moeini, Zahra Mardani, Farzaneh Khorrami
Triangulated dodecahedral geometry, Cadmium complex, Spectral characterization, X-ray crystal structure
In this work, a new cadmium complex [Cd(L)(CH3COO)2].2H2O (1) with the ligand L, N,N´-bis(2-pyridinecarboxalidene)- 1,2-cyclohexanediamine was prepared and identified by elemental analysis, FT-IR, Raman, 1H NMR spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The cadmium atom in the crystal structure of 1 has distorted triangular dodecahedral geometry by coordination of the four nitrogen atoms of L and four oxygen atoms of the two acetate ions. Two water molecules are also incorporated in the crystal network. The O-H···O hydrogen bonds present in the crystal structure of 1. In this work, three structural surveys including coordination numbers of the cadmium atom, coordination modes of L and resonance in pyridine- 2-ylmethanimine-based compounds are presented.
352 - 356
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