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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 52, Number 5
JKCSEZ 52(5)
October 20, 2008 

Synthesis of New Bichromophore Compounds

새로운 Bichromophore 화합물들의 합성
Jung-Hwan Kim*, Yeung-Eun Kim

김정환*, 김영은
H-킬레이트, BF2-킬레이트, Bichromophore 화합물들 , H-Chelate, BF2-Chelate, Bichromophore Compounds
분자내에서의 에너지 전달 구조로 이용될 수 있는 α,ω-Bis[4,6-Bis(1-BF2-2-cyanomethylquinolyl)- pyrimidine-5-yl]alkane 화합물들, α,ω-Bis[4-(1-BF2-2-cyanomethylquinolyl)-6-(2-cyanomethylquinolyl)-pyrimidine-5- yl]alkane 화합물들, α,ω-Bis[4-(1-BF2-2-cyanomethylquinolyl)-6-chloropyrimidine-5-yl]- alkane 화합물들 그리고 α,ω- Bis[4-(2-cyanomethylquinolyl)-6-chloropyrimidine-5-yl]alkane 화합물들이 합성되었다. 화합물들에 대한 구조를 분 광학적인 방법으로 분석하였다.

α,ω-Bis[4,6-Bis(1-BF2-2-cyanomethylquinolyl)pyrimidine-5-yl]alkanes, α,ω-Bis[4-(1-BF2-2-cyanomethylquinolyl)- 6-(2-cyanomethylquinolyl)pyrimidine-5-yl]alkanes, α,ω-Bis[4-(1-BF2-2-cyanomethylquinolyl)-6-chloropyrimidine- 5-yl]alkanes and α,ω-Bis[4-(2-cyanomethylquinolyl)-6-chloropyrimidine-5-yl]alkanes as the frame of “intramolecular energy transfer” system have been synthesized. Structures of the target compounds were identified by spectra methods.

515 - 522
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