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Journal of the Korean Chemical Society (JKCS)

ISSN 1017-2548(Print)
ISSN 2234-8530(Online)
Volume 45, Number 6
JKCSEZ 45(6)
December 20, 2001 

Synthesis and Luminescent Properties of Y(As, Nb, P, V)O4:Eu3+ Red Phosphors by Combinatorial Chemistry Method

조합화학을 이용한 Y(As, Nb, P, V)O4:Eu3+ 적색형광체의 합성 및 광 특성 분석
Il Woon Zeon, Kee-Sun Sohn, Hee Dong Park, Seung Kon Ryu

전일운, 손기선, 박희동, 류승곤
조합화학 기법을 적용하여 YRO4(R=As, Nb, P, V)계 모체에 Eu을 활성하여 적색형광체를 합성하였다. 합성된 형광체는 UV PL,VUV PL, 및 색좌표 분석을 하였고, 254nm 및 147nm 여기하에서의 발광세기 및 색좌표 사면체 라이브러리를 완성하였다. Eu이 0.1mol 도핑된 적색 형광체는 254nm로 여기 시켰을 때 YVO4를 중심으로 다른 중심으로 다른 성분이 미량 첨가되었을 때 가장 좋은 발광 세기를 나타내었으나. 147nm에서는 YPO4를 중심으로 좋은 발광 세기가 나타났다. 합성된 형광체 중 Y0.9(As0.06Nb0.06P0.83V0.06) O4:Eu0.1의 조성으로 1200℃에서 소성하였을 때 상용 형광체와 대등한 발광세기가 색순도가 우수하였다.

Eu doped YRO4 (R=As, Nb, P, V) red phosphors were prepared by the combinatorial chemistry method. The quaternary material library of tetrahedron-type composition array was designed to investigate the luminescence of the host material under UV and VUV excitations (254, 147 nm). The photoluminescent characteristics of the samples were comparable to the commercially available red phosphors such as (Y, Gd)BO3:Eu3+ and Y2O3:Eu3+ . In view of the luminescence yield, V rich region was found to be optimum under UV excitation. But the results under VUV excitation were different from those of UV excitation, the samples of the composition containing a large amount of P shows the highest luminescence. Especially, higher luminescence was obtained in Y0.9(As0.06Nb0.06P0.83V0.06) O4:Eu0.1 phosphors than commercial (Y, Gd)BO3 red phosphors under 147 nm excitation.

577 - 588
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