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Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (BKCS)

ISSN 0253-2964(Print)
ISSN 1229-5949(Online)
Volume 20, Number 8
BKCSDE 20(8)
August 20, 1999 

Suppression of AP-1 Activity by Tanshinone and Cancer Cell Growth Inhibition
Seyeon Park, Ji-Sung Song, Dug-Keun Lee, Chul-Hak Yang
The process of transcription is the major point at which gene expression is regulated. The jun and fos families of eukaryotic transcription factor heterodimerize to form complexes capable of binding 5'-TGAGTCA-3'DNA elements (AP-1 binding site). To search for the inhibitors of the jun-fos-DNA complex formation, several natural products extracts were screened and methanol extract of tanshen (the dried roots of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge) showed remarkable inhibitory activity. The active compounds of the extracts were purified using re-peated column chromatography and recrystallization. Their structures were identified as tanshinone I and tanshinone IIA. Through the electrophoresis mobility shift assay and cell cytotoxicity test, tanshinone I and tanshinone IIA were identified as inhibitors that suppress not only AP-1 function but also the cell proliferation. Tanshinone I also suppressed the jun-fos-DNA complex formation in TPA-induced NIH 3T3 cells.
925 - 928
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