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Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (BKCS)

ISSN 0253-2964(Print)
ISSN 1229-5949(Online)
Volume 6, Number 1
January 20, 1985 

Solvation in Mixed Solvents (Ⅳ). Solvolysis of Adamantyl Derivatives in Methanol-Acetonitrile Mixtures
Ikchoon Lee, Bon-su Lee, Se Chul Sohn, Byung Choon Lee
Solvolysis of 1-adamantyl chloride, -bromide and -tosylate have been studied in methanol-acetonitrile mixtures. Rate maxima were found for 1-adamantyl bromide and tosylate at 80-90 % methanol mixtures. The rate maximum observed was interpreted as a result of cooperative enhancement of cation and anion solvation. 1-Adamantyl tosylate had small cation solvation but had extensive anion solvation. It was concluded that the Y scale based on adamantyl tosylate is superior to others since it varies in a wide range especially for weakly ionizing medium.
19 - 23
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