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Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (BKCS)

ISSN 0253-2964(Print)
ISSN 1229-5949(Online)
Volume 35, Number 6
BKCSDE 35(6)
June 20, 2014 

Characteristics of SrCo1-xFexO3-δ Perovskite Powders with Improved O2/CO2 Production Performance for Oxyfuel Combustion
Qiuwan Shen, Ying Zheng*, Cong Luo, Chuguang Zheng
Perovskite-type, Crystalline structure, Oxygen desorption, EDTA-citrate
Perovskite-type oxides are promising oxygen carriers in producing oxygen-enriched CO2 gas stream for oxyfuel combustion. In this study, a new series of SrCo1-xFexO3-δ (x = 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) was prepared and used to produce O2/CO2 mixture gas. The phase, crystal structure, and morphological properties of SrCo1-xFexO3-δ were investigated through X-ray diffraction, specific surface area measurements, and environmental scanning electron microscopy. The oxygen desorption performance of SrCo1-xFexO3-δ was studied in a fixed-bed reactor system. Results showed that the different x values of SrCo1-xFexO3-δ have no obvious effects on crystalline structure. However, the oxygen desorption performance of SrCo1-xFexO3-δ is improved by Co doping. Moreover, SrCo0.8Fe0.2O3-δ synthesized via a new EDTA method has a larger BET surface area (40.396 m2/g), smaller particle size (48.3 nm), and better oxygen production performance compared with that synthesized through a liquid citrate method.
1613 - 1618
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