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Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (BKCS)

ISSN 0253-2964(Print)
ISSN 1229-5949(Online)
Volume 28, Number 11
BKCSDE 28(11)
November 20, 2007 

Visible Light Driven ZnFe2Ta2O9 Catalyzed Decomposition of H2S for Solar Hydrogen Production
Esakkiappan Subramanian, Jin-Ook Baeg*, Bharat B. Kale, Sang Mi Lee, Sang-Jin Moon, Ki-jeong Kong
ZnFe2Ta2O9, Photocatalyst, H2S decomposition, Solar hydrogen
Tantalum-containing metal oxides, well known for their efficiency in water splitting and H2 production, have never been used in visible light driven photodecomposition of H2S and H2 production. The present work is an attempt in this direction and investigates their efficiency. A mixed metal oxide, ZnFe2Ta2O9, with the inclusion of Fe2O3 to impart color, was prepared by the conventional ceramic route in single- and double-calcinations (represented as ZnFe2Ta2O9-SC and ZnFe2Ta2O9-DC respectively). The XRD characterization shows that both have identical patterns and reveals tetragonal structure to a major extent and a minor contribution of orthorhombic crystalline system. The UV-visible diffuse reflection spectra demonstrate the intense, coherent and wide absorption of visible light by both the catalysts, with absorption edge at 650 nm, giving rise to a band gap of 1.9 eV. Between the two catalysts, however, ZnFe2Ta2O9-DC has greater absorption in almost the entire wavelength region, which accounts for its strong brown coloration than ZnFe2Ta2O9-SC when viewed by the naked eye. In photocatalysis, both catalysts decompose H2S under visible light irradiation (λ ≥ 420 nm) and produce solar H2 at a much higher rate than previously reported catalysts. Nevertheless, ZnFe2Ta2O9-DC distinguishes itself from ZnFe2Ta2O9-SC by exhibiting a higher efficiency because of its greater light absorption. Altogether, the tantalum-containing mixed metal oxide proves its efficient catalytic role in H2S decomposition and H2 production process also.
2089 - 2092
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