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Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (BKCS)

ISSN 0253-2964(Print)
ISSN 1229-5949(Online)
Volume 28, Number 2
BKCSDE 28(2)
February 20, 2007 

Crystal Structure of Fully Dehydrated Partially Cs+-Exchanged Zeolite X, Cs52Na40-X (The Highest Cs+-Exchanged Level Achieved by Conventional Method and Confirmation of Special Site Selectivity)
Myung Nam Bae
Zeolite X, Cesium, Sodium, Double six-rings, Six-rings
The crystal structure of fully dehydrated partially Cs+-exchanged zeolite X, [Cs52Na40Si100Al92O384], a = 24.9765(10) A, has been determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques in the cubic space group Fd3 at 21 °C. The crystal was prepared by flow method for 5 days using exchange solution in which mole ratio of CsOH and CsNO3 was 1 : 1 with total concentration of 0.05 M. The crystal was then dehydrated at 400 °C and 2 × 10-6 Torr for 2 days. The structure was refined to the final error indices, R1 = 0.051 and wR2 (based on F2) = 0.094 with 247 reflections for which Fo > 4σ (Fo). In this structure, about fifty-two Cs+ ions per unit cell are located at six different crystallographic sites with special selectivity; about one Cs+ ion is located at site I, at the centers of double oxygen-rings (D6Rs), two Cs+ ions are located at site I', and six Cs+ ions are found at site II'. This is contrary to common view that Cs+ ions cannot pass sodalite cavities nor D6Rs because six-ring entrances are too small. Ring-opening by the formation of ?OH groups and ring-flexing make Cs+ ions at sites I, I', and II' enter six-oxygen rings. The defects of zeolite frameworks also give enough mobility to Cs+ ions to enter sodalite cavities and D6Rs. Another six Cs+ ions are found at site II, thirty-six are located at site III, and one is located at site III' in the supercage, respectively. Forty Na+ ions per unit cell are located at two different crystallographic sites; about fourteen are located at site I, the centers of D6Rs and twenty-six are also located at site II in the supercage. Cs+ ions and Na+ ions at site II are recessed ca. 0.34(1) A and 1.91(1) A into the supercage, respectively. In this work, the highest exchange level of Cs+ ions per unit cell was achieved in zeolite X by conventional aqueous solution methods and it was also shown that Cs+ ion could pass through the sixoxygen rings.
251 - 256
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