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Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society (BKCS)

ISSN 0253-2964(Print)
ISSN 1229-5949(Online)
Volume 23, Number 12
BKCSDE 23(12)
December 20, 2002 

Anions as Connectors for Higher Dimensions. Silver(I) Trifluoroacetate with 3,3'-Oxybispyridine vs 3,3'-Thiobispyridine
Yun Ju Kim, Kyung Ho Yoo, Ki-Min Park, Jongki Hong, Ok-Sang Jung
Bridged anions, Silver(I) complexes, Bipyridine analogs, Coordination polymers
Trifluoroacetate anion as a connector has been studied on AgCF3CO2 compounds with 3,3'-Py2X (X = O vs S).The reaction of AgCF3CO2 with 3,3'-Py2X (X = O vs S) produces 1 : 1 adducts of [Ag(CF3CO2)(3,3'-Py2X)].Crystallographic characterization of [Ag(CF3CO2)(3,3'-Py2O)] (monoclinic P21, a = 7.383(1) Å, b = 19.801(3) Å, c = 9.297(3) Å, β= 100.26(2)˚, V = 1337.4(5) Å3, Z = 2, R = 0.0386) reveals that the 3,3'-Py2O spacer connects two silver ions to give a single strand and that the single strands are linked via the trifluoroacetate anions in an “up and down even-bridge” to give an elegant molecular grid. The framework of [Ag(CF3CO2)(3,3'-Py2S)] (monoclinic P21/c, a = 8.331(2) Å, b = 14.010(2) Å, c = 11.926(3) Å, β = 93.70(2)˚, V = 1385.1(6) Å3 , Z = 4, R = 0.0589) is a single-strand. The single strands are connected via the trifluoroacetate anions in a double-bridge, resulting in a typical molecular chicken-wire. The trifluoroacetate anion as a connector appears to be primarily associated with its moderately coordinating ability. Their structural features have been discussed based on the anion exchangeability. Thermal analyses indicate that the compounds are stable up to approximately 200 ℃.
1744 - 1748
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